Q-Rated Cars

As well as carefully selecting and selling quality used cars, we also offer the following services to our customers:

Paint Corrective Valet:

Our Paint Corrective Valet services are ideal for anyone who has just bought a used car or is just looking to spruce up their car to a new level. We can remove surface scratches, restore paint and clearcoat shine as well as restoring faded headlights and other plastic parts. CLICK HERE for more details on this service.

Consignment Selling:

Trying to sell your car, but getting tired of dealing with low-ball offers from on-line marketplaces, or worried that you might be doing a deal with a scam artist? Why not consign your car to us, to sell on your behalf?* You car will be taken care of and kept clean, ready for viewings with potential buyers. Our rates are extremely competitive and include all registration costs, change of ownership, pre-delivery inspection and valet. Simply e-mail us with details of your car, and we will be in touch to discuss details.

*Please note that we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any consignment agreements where vehicles do not meet our standards in terms of condition and road worthiness, or if a vehicle has been misrepresented to us.

Consultation Service:

Looking to buy a used car, but need expert advice on what to look for? We have quite literally written the book on how to buy a used car, without any buyer’s regrets! We can check out/view potential cars for you and try to negotiate a better deal based on what we see, or we can point out which cars you should rather walk away from. With tonnes of experience in buying used cars, we know exactly what to look for to spot cars that have had mileages turned back, been in accidents, may be stolen, could have mechanical gremlins lurking. In short we can make sure that you buy a good car that will serve you well for years to come, rather than a bucket of bolts that might look nice on the surface, but hides big problems and BIG BIG repair bills under the skin! Click HERE for more information.