Consutation Terms And Conditions

Q-Rated Cars

Customer Name: _______________________________________ , hereafter referred to as the buyer or the customer.

Q-Rated Cars and any of its agents, hereafter referred to as the consultant.

For the purposes of this contract “the seller” may refer to vehicle dealerships or private sellers of vehicles.

  1. The customer hereby confirms that ALL sales agreements are STRICTLY between vehicle sellers and the customer and in no way is the consultant directly involved or responsible for the sale.
  2. The consultant will take all reasonable steps (package dependent) to ensure that the customer has a trouble free buying experience, however, the consultant cannot be held liable for any losses suffered during or after the purchase process. This includes, but is in no way limited to:
    1. Losses suffered due to a scams or fraudulent sellers.
    2. Vehicle defects.
    3. Cancellation of sale.
    4. Vehicle availability.
    5. Vehicles reported as stolen.
    6. Vehicles with outstanding finance.
  3. The consultant reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time for any reason.
  4. All consulting fees for “Hatchback” and “Executive Saloon” packages are payable in advance.
  5. Fees for the “Supercar” Package can only be calculated on completion of the sale. As such:
    1. The customer MUST provide a copy of the sales invoice or EFT proof of payment as evidence of selling price, within 24H of purchase.
    2. The Package’s minimum charge of R3000 is payable in advance.
    3. The customer will be invoiced for the balance after receipt of the documentation referred to in section 5(a).
    4. If a car other than one found by the consultant is purchased, only 50% of the balance will be payable.
    5. If no car is purchased within one month of this contract, no balance will become due, however the R3000 initial fee will not be refunded.
  6. Venue selection for consultations will be discussed with customers, but the consultant has full discretion over final venue selection.
  7. As the consultant may call on favour held by dealers, sellers and any number of individuals and institutions, any customer behaving in a manner that may damage the reputation of the consultant will have their contracts cancelled with immediate effect and NO refund will be offered.
  8. To further protect the reputation of the consultant, the customer MUST comply with all traffic laws and regulations.
  9. Customers test driving cars, will be responsible for any fines incurred during their test drive.
  10.  The consultant is always available to answer more questions from customers, however, in some cases additional fees may apply. Customers will ALWAYS be informed of additional charges in writing BEFORE they are incurred.
  11. In cases where sales break down to the point of legal action between the customer and the seller, the consultant will provide a written statement of events or affidavit, if required, at no additional cost.
  12. If a case is brought to court, the consultant will avail himself as a witness for the customer at no additional cost.
  13. Package Dependent, the consultant will help to negotiate the best deal possible with sellers, however, the consultant will not negotiate or broker deals on vehicle finance.
  14. The consultant will NEVER accept ‘kick-backs’ or payments from dealerships or private sellers with whom sales are negotiated.
  15. Since the purchase contract is between seller and the customer, if the seller is a dealer, all aspects of the Consumer Protection Act will apply.
  16. On “Executive Saloon” and “Supercar” packages, the initial consultation is untimed, however, if the initial consultation exceeds 3 hours, additional hourly charges may apply at R 200 per hour or part thereof.
  17. “Executive Saloon” and “Supercar” packages have the option of one additional consult not exceeding 1 hour, at no additional charge.
  18. Customers on the “Hatchback” package, can request an additional consult for a vehicle inspection at an additional cost of R200 plus R3/km travel.
  19. Customers will be held responsible for any damage caused to vehicles during a test drive or inspection, where the customer was driving the vehicle at the time.
  20. Although the consultant may make use of a generic OBDII device, there is no guarantee that the device will be able to read and interpret all fault codes from the vehicle’s ECU.
  21. The customer has the final decision in all purchases and the consultant will not be held liable for those choices.