Paint Corrective Valet

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Our Paint Corrective Valet Service has been designed specifically to bring back the shine to your pride and joy and restore your pride in what you drive. Perfect for anyone who loves their car and wants it to look good as new again, or anyone thinking of selling their car wanting to make sure they can ask top money for their car in such excellent condition or even someone who has just purchased a used car that has perhaps lost some of its shine.

The multi-stage process is one of the most intense valet services currently offered in the area, taking no less than 2 full working days to complete. The more aggressive early stages remove all surface impurities and iron that becomes embedded in your paint surface as well as removing small to moderate scratches in the paint or clear coat. The middle stages polishes the paint to a perfectly flat, glass-like surface that shines better than when the car came out of the factory. Finally our finishing stages add lustre and depth to that shine then adds a layer of protection to the paint to ensure it remains looking that good for longer. We can also add a ceramic coating if required.

Although our Paint Corrective Valet focusses mainly on your car’s paint work and exterior, we will also deep clean your interior, treat all interior and exterior plastics to bring back their original shine and add protection and longevity to every part of your car that we are able.

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BEFORE: This car was already in pretty good condition, but had lots of scratches on almost all the panels, especially the roof, where the owner had accidentally driven under a closing garage door.


AFTER: The car’s shine has been restored to a mirror-like finish and most of the scratches have been removed.


Look specifically at the clarity of the reflection. There are also long scratch marks running from front to back on the roof of the car, very difficult to capture in the picture.


After our Multi-Stage correction process, the roof reflects the sky as if it were a mirror, and all the scratches have disappeared.